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Default Smoked 4 sticks of DDR3-1600 Today

Well, I finally had my first G272 casualty. I went to scan something this afternoon and the computer bluescreened. I thought it was a driver problem since I had never scanned with this device before, but when I couldn't get the system to boot back up, I realized something was wrong.

I had to leave before I could troubleshoot, so one of my main TF systems was down for 4 hours. After several reboots and some of the strangest stop codes I've ever seen, I swapped out the RAM for some spares (luckily I had them on-hand) and the system is back to work.

Really this is because today was the hottest day we've had in Cheyenne since I started G272, but I think it's time to get some air going in the house. At least I won't need heaters in the winter ;)
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Wow. A/C does seem in order.....or at least some serious airflow if you can't chill things.

Things have been quite warm in Chicago, but we have been running the only A/C in the front two rooms for a couple of full days and nights. My computer, the only one which runs full time has bee happy enough. Tonight we could shut it down and run with window fans alone.
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And it was so nice a few days ago... at least we're not in Texas.
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Originally Posted by Dubslow View Post
And it was so nice a few days ago... at least we're not in Texas.
It's been unusually hot here (N. California) the last few days...
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(I thought) My case in that system had plenty of airflow, but I guess I was wrong. I added a very large fan to it for now. Today it hit around 95. That should be the warmest we can expect here and all the systems seem ok. I'll get some air going later in the week.
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