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Default Prime 95 crashing on laptop running as service

From time to time (usually when returning from suspend, docking, or changing from battery to AC) my T60p will pop an error box terminating the process (something about a memory location cannot be read)

I have not capture the box, and it doesn't seem to be logged anywhere.

How can I debug those kinds of crashes? Would a screenshot be helpful? Does this sound familiar?

I usually go in and restart the service, and everything is fine. But it is annoying.
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You mention the circumstances : suspend, docking, going form battery to power... What I would suggest is upgrading the BIOS and the drivers of your laptop. Docking, undocking are big events : the whole hardware changes suddenly, resuming from suspend can have the same effect, that is, the hardware at the time of suspend is not the same as the one on resuming. Going from AC power to battery can also have consequences on the hardware as seen by the OS : some peripherals drivers will power them off (making them disappear) when working on battery.

What could be helpful for a start is the exact error message and the OS.
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Default Same issue, see other thread

I have the same issue in this thread: . Right now, no solution. :(
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