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Aug 2002

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Default Client stalls when contacting PrimeNet...

I'm running 22.8 and ordinarily, I run it offline... By this I mean I run it without PrimeNet and I just add crap via the worktodo.ini and I turn stuff in via the manual page...

Anyways, I decided to run using PrimeNet today, so I filled out the user info and the PrimeNet dialog boxes, but when it connected, PrimeNet was down... This shouldn't be a problem because Prime95 should just gve up and continue on with the next exponent... But, Prime95 just sat there for 30 minutes doing nothing... I eventually switched it to "dialup" to fix it... If you only return stuff every few weeks or months this probably is no big deal, but right now I am contacting PrimeNet every hour because I am P-1 factoring small exponents...

Also, when I tell PrimeNet to stop working, it sometimes takes several minutes... I'm going to assume this is because I am P-1 factoring, because when I do double checks it stops instantly...

My only solution is to run it offline... :(
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Aug 2002
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Unfortunately I am getting that problem as well. Using ver 22.8 Last time Primenet was doen a few days ago the program would just hang. Exiting would have no effect and I would have to kill it using the task manager. There have been some other threads here about that as well. I definitely think there is a problem in Prime95 interacting with the server in it's current state. Maybe the server does not respond or something but the client definitely hangs.
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Aug 2002
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I have noticed that while doing P-1, the client (v22.8 ) won't even try to contact the server in regular dedicated operation. This spanned three days on my 33M and it is set up for daily updates. There is a problem here ...
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I appear to be having the same problem. As this is my first attempt at running the software, I am not sure. For the last 12 hours, the client has reported it cannot contact the server, though the machine has been on line continuously.
The machine in question is a very slow one (tests go on the least capable machines, you know, and this machine is definitely that) and perhaps I would be better off doing things manually. What do you think?
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