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Default Is there a setting to run at night only?

Can't seem to find one in README or undoc.txt

I thought I read such a thing a while back.

i.e only run on my workpc after hours and weekends.

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I think this accomplishes what you're looking for. From undoc.txt:

Also, if prog1 is "*" the program will pause no matter what.  Examples:
	PauseWhileRunning=*[1] during 6-7/2:00-3:00
	PauseWhileRunning=* during 23:00-24:00 else decomp[1],mygame[2]
The first example pauses one worker thread on Saturday and Sunday between
2AM and 3AM.  The second example pauses all workers between 11PM and 12AM and
pauses 1 worker if decomp is running and 2 if mygame is running.
So you'd want something like
PauseWhileRunning=* during 1-5/9:00-17:00
so that it would not run Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.

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