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Spherical Cow
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Default Denmark: You're Number One!!

From the National Science Foundation, here are the latest results of the World Happiness Study- here is the link, and below, an image of the final results.

Quantifying happiness must be tough, and I would have thought this should be on a log scale. Seems like if you're miserable, a little happiness is far more important than if you're already relatively happy. Perhaps they've normalized for that.

Note that one of their observations is that happier countries were more likely to have democracies than not. I'm sure there's all sorts of other correlations, real and imagined, that can be made here.

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There are folks out there somewhere calling for Senator Proxmire (,, I'm sure.
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Data from 1995-2007, and it lists W. Germany and E. Germany?


Last fiddled with by ewmayer on 2008-07-08 at 20:44 Reason: What is the sound of a Great Dane living in a state of relatively princely contentment in his humble Hamlet? Nothing to shake a spear at, my dear Poll-only-us.
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Originally Posted by akruppa View Post
Data from 1995-2007, and it lists W. Germany and E. Germany?
Yes, like

US North-East
US South
US West

The physical infrastructure in former East Germany now is great. The social infrastructure is gradually being build up now on top of that.
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Ethiopians are way happier(less miserable?) than Iraqians.

I wonder how they'd rate if Saddam Hussein were still ruling? (this is meant to be ironic humor)

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