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Default Feasibility of GPUOwl with having its own computer listing in GIMPS account?

I stopped putting it off and set aside enough time today to get working with my GPUOwl installation. It's a very nice tool and not having to haul proof files over to the drive where I have Prime95 running is a definite plus. But, account-wise its work is still checked out and returned under the "manual testing" computer.

I am assuming that making register a discrete computer in your account like an Internet-connected version of Prime95 would do is not trivial, if it has not been done already. Or is there some sort of security difficulty with software other than specifically Prime95 being allowed to do this?

For me the functionality is mainly of interest because manual testing's "smallest exponents" stop at cat 2. My CPU is not really fast enough to qualify for cat 0 first-time PRP and so I set it doing DC, but my GPU in the same system easily is. The manual testing category limit is of course reasonable with the prevalence of patchy internet / sneakernet in that assignment method, but if someone is running GPUOwl with it should be effectively guaranteed that they have the same or better connectivity as an online Prime95 user would.

My apologies if there is already discussion along this line of thought; a search for "primenet computer" turned up nothing relevant.
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