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Default Linux guide for people who want to do more than point and click. Do you know of one?

I'm such a Linux noob, I don't even know what questions to ask.

Maybe I do. If a person wanted to read a guide about compiling, a sort of "Compiling for Dummies" type of thing, is there a good place to go?

Edit: And if that guide could be put in one place, like a Wiki(I'm going to feel like an ass if someone gives me a Wiki link) that would be fabulous.

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I'd suggest you go to either The Linux Documentation Project or to Linux Online they have plenty of the Howto's that cover all aspects of Linux including compiling.

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Erm...What language are you compiling? Theres...

gcc = C
g++ = C++
g77 = Fortran 77
gcj = Java

just to name a few. You might also want to look into an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for whatever you're doing. Options include Emacs, Eclipse (mainly for Java, but has C++ plugins), and I'm sure there are others.
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