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Default CPU settings and other newbie Qs

Hi there! I have this CPU

My available max memory for Prime95 is 90% of this 2GB, right?

What are stable values for normal PC work (while browsing, Photoshop, Word, Excel etc.)?

At all times I may pause the calculation and continue later even if I close the program or kill task?
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Hi Z3noN,
Welcome to
I am not an expert and can only partially answer your
last two questions.
I would choose 80% of max memory.
Prime95 is 'intelligent' and it allows other
applications priority when you are doing other things
with your computer.
Prime95 will not damage your computer unless you are
overclocking your chip to the point where it overheats
and self destructs. I know this because I ran a graphics
processing unit (GPU) from Nvidia at almost full throttle for
over two years with the mmff software, and now, sadly
the GPU and that motherboard are simply trash.
When you minimize the Prime95, it does not show on my taskbar but
continues to run as a background process.
Also, if you reboot or kill task, Prime95 saves some markers to file so
that it knows where to pick up almost where it left off.
I am sure another member of Mersenneforum can answer your questions
Let's find the biggest prime number known to mankind.
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Prime95 only uses that max memory when doing stage 2 of P-1 factoring or ECM factoring. You will not get that kind of work unless you specifically ask for it.When doing LL tests Prime95 will use well under 100 MB.

That question about max memory is historical : there was a time when doing first time checks P-1 factoring was not yet done for that exponent. Nowadays P-1 is done by users that dedicate one or more cores to that task.

In other words you can leave that value at its minimum value of 8 MiB.

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