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Smile Prime95 memory settings


I'm trying to understand the "Memory to use (in MB)" settings on prime95 torture test.
As I understand, the memory usage can be determine by the min/max FFT size selected.
Where one FFT size is referring to 8 bytes.

For example,
1024K of FFT size => ~8192 KB of memory per thread.

However, when I try to play around with the "Memory to use" setting, seems like my understanding was wrong as the memory usage is affected by the size I set at the "Memory to use" setting.

Anyone can help me to clear my doubts? Thanks! 😊
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Memory to use in (MB) stands for the whole Main Memory (RAM) used in the Torture-Test f.e. 13310 MB with 16 GB RAM

Last fiddled with by moebius on 2021-06-23 at 11:48
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I see that means the total of memory used depends on the Memory for use (MB)?

For example, "Small FFT" size is stress more on cache because the size can fit into cache. However, when I select the same FFT size defined in "Small FFT" and play around with the Memory to use in custom mode. Seems like the memory usage is about same as the memory I set at Memory to use.

Does that mean that I set the Prime95 to run the torture test mainly using RAM instead of cache (FFT size set is same as small)?
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