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Default Switch from Windows to Linux

Hi there.

I´m thinking about to Change my OS from Windows to Linux. (Mint if somebody is interessted ;)).

Is there a way to take my work in prime95 with me? For example, that I could use the savefiles from Windows in Linux? Or is it better to finish the current work first?

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Save files and configuration files are compatible. Just add the Linux binary to your Prime95 directory and run it instead. It can even work in a dual-boot configuration (swapping between the two every time you boot). Of course, you'd want to use matching versions of Prime95 and mprime.

Take my advice at your own risk, of course. I'd recommend backing up your folder beforehand to make sure you won't permanently lose anything, just in case I'm totally wrong about this.

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Sorry for the late response. Was a bit busy. ;) But thanks a lot. Transition worked smooth without problems.
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