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Default 2.5Pflops CPU + GPU machine

According to the current fastest supercomputer has a performance of 2.5 Pflops and gains a significant amount of its power from nVidia gpus.

I wonder if the users are programming in CUDA.

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Originally Posted by
As of October 2010 the fastest supercomputer in the world is the Tianhe-1A system at National University of Defense Technology with more than 21000 computers, it boasts a speed of 2.507 petaflops, over 30% faster than the world's next fastest computer, the Cray XT5 "Jaguar".
straight from wikipedia
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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I wonder if the users are programming in CUDA.
Probably yes and no. With the release of CURAND, CUFFT, CUBLAS, CUSPARSE, and CULA, a lot of compute intensive code, even that requiring a good random number generator, using the standard FFTW, BLAS, or LAPACK libraries can be ported to CUDA with minimal changes.
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