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Jan 2004

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Default cant requesting assignment

hi guys, i just get an AMD64, which is a 3500+, only one core, but still, it rocks.

i've started the client on windows XP, everything seems to be fine, then when i switch to debian AMD64, things are not well for NFSnet.

i get this

troy:/home/junky/NFSNET# ./nfsnetclient
05:44:04 NFSNET Client - $Revision: 1.17 $
05:44:04 Initializing...
05:44:04 Initialized.
05:44:04 Requesting assignment...
05:44:04 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 10 seconds.
Last message was:
05:44:14 Requesting assignment...
05:44:14 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 20 seconds.
Last message was:
05:44:34 Requesting assignment...
05:44:34 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 40 seconds.
Last message was:
05:45:14 Requesting assignment...
05:45:14 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 80 seconds.
Last message was:


Any suggestion to fix that issue?
i've run nfsnetinit before, and this is the same file im running on my 32 bits machines.

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I guess it's most likely a temporary problem with the NFSNET servers.
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I really cannot give you much help without additional information.
In particular, what is the GUID for this machine?
If you had done something "bad" switching between OS, you might have gotten blacklisted. However, if that is the case, you should have gotten another chance by the time you read this.

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hi guys, thanks for fast answers.

Wacky: ive the same thing right now, and since 8 days (when i switched from xp to debian), so i doubt a blacklist, since it's not IDLE.
info you requested:
guid M0013D38C3B63P0
Let me know if you need something else.
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hello? any update here?
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