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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
bad sectors on the HDD
Grrr... man, don't use that HDD anymore! Just scrap it and you will save yourself a lot of headache in the future. Trust me, I destroyed more than 14 HDDs in my "career", only in computers that I owned and used at home (including thunderstrucked HDD, I think I told this story).
I could re-download all the important data for "just in case", if you resend me the link (last sync was sometimes mid of the last year, like 3 or 4 GB all the factors to 10G, iirc). I will also contribute a little bit toward you buying a new HDD (check with Mike).

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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Grrr... man, don't use that HDD anymore!
I guess I should have been clearer, to me it was obvious that that HDD's useful life is over. I had actually already been considering replacing that drive with a newer/larger one for space reasons, so as soon as I found a problem I clicked "order". The replacement should be here in a few days.

To be clear, this is a HDD in my home system (not the server), and all the data is replicated on a second machine so there is little danger of data loss. The interesting bits of data are packaged up for export every Sunday morning on the export page (I haven't packaged up the 2020 data yet but will soon).
edit: 2020 archives are now finalized

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Default Another factor missed by P1 in 2008
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