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Apr 2011
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Default Taking off for a bit

Sorry, but I must divert all time and cash flow to wife's health. I'll return after this stage in life is over.

Thanks as this was my last guilty pleasure.

Keep those GPU's primed and ready,
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If I May
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"Chris Halsall"
Sep 2002

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Thanks for all your efforts Roy. They were very much appreciated.

And while I am agnostic, I ask the Universe to see your wife well.

Take care, and see you soon.
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Oct 2011

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Thanks for participating! I hope everything works out well for your family!
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Jul 2011
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I'm very sorry to hear of the difficulties. May they work out the best possible for all concerned.
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Aug 2002
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Sorry to hear that. Of course RL comes first and best wishes to your wife. If you ever need support or just a chat feel free to drop in.
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