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Twin prime pairs usually give a few results of lists of consecutive numbers.
Add the word prime and no results show up.

928399889 928399891 prime

Before this post is indexed.

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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I remember Google whacking! Both words had to be in a specified dictionary, usually some version of Websters for US players or Chambers for the UK team. Using the full OED was considered cheating. It was a common pastime at MSR.

Found quite a few but the only one I now remember is "nitrile Permian" which occurred in a page about a geochemist wearing nitrile gloves to avoid contamination of a Permian-era rock sample.
I think the task is considerably harder today. "nitrile Permian", without using quotes, now gives 12,900 results.

Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
The most promising candidates are words that occur within the same list, for instance the periodic table of elements, and therefore will very often occur on the same web page, but would very rarely occur immediately adjacent to one another.

The whole trick however, is to find a pair of chemical elements that actually occur only zero or one times when within quotes, rather than, say half a dozen times. Out of the five thousand or so possible pairs of chemical elements, there must be a few. And then without quotes you will get millions and millions of hits.
"Nihonium Darmstadtium" has one result with quotes, but dropping the quotes only increases the count to 39,300. I have so far been unable to get any pair of elements to exceed even 100,000 hits without quotes while not appearing a single time within quotes.
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Big bump, but I found another word pair:

midiflip aegukka

Usually when I search for "midiflip" anything, it'll show at least some results, but not this one.
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Haha, how fast they are, and how often they are spiding the web, when searching your words just minutes after they were posted brings up this mersenneforum page, this is wondering... (this was in the morning from home, during my coffee time, then the current post is posted much later, because I was busy at work, now it is lunch break).

On the other hands, if we are here, and you tricked us into going to the google search page anyhow , we decided to input there two "famous" words which also bring no search result, even without quotes:

operagiust pigarosteu

These are not "invented words", and moreover, they should always appear together in an article, so the big brother google failing to find them is a bit disappointing... The words were part of a famous Vigenere cipher, (actually, more like a letter substitution, or permutation, in this case) and they were one of our first encounters with encryption and cryptography, when we were kid and found an article about such stuff in a friend's collection of the famous French kid's magazine "Pif". It even came with a gadget (many numbers included small gadgets for kids to play with, similar with actual kinder surprise eggs), a ruler or disk (I don't actually remember ) that could help the kids encrypt some simple texts, it was a lot of fun.

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This doesn't really qualify, because first of all, it is not really a word from a dictionary, and second, it is just one "word", and not a "word pair", but that's just what came out today when we were searching for a special type of CR2032 battery. So, the "old good gulugulu" came out empty-handed. What's interesting is that almost all other letters and numbers combinations (even for a non-existing battery, or course the most combinations of 4-5 letters and numbers will result in non-existent products) return at least something, a suggestion, ad advertising link, whatever. But this very proper product (which has some very particular application, sorry for masking the name) came out empty.

Click image for larger version

Name:	nogulugulu.PNG
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