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Default Reporting manual result

I've successfully installed today glucas software on a IBM AIX 4-cpu server.
I've got a manual assignment (LL test) from Primenet.

What is the format of the result file I've to upload here ?

I think that glucas has different format output than prime95 ...
I can upload also partial results (progress) ?

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It accepts Glucas result lines, as evidenced by the report after you click Submit or Upload: (either one, the file upload or the text area, can take any of the accepted formats)
No factor lines found: 0
Factors found: 0
P-1 lines found: 0
LL lines found: 0
Mlucas lines found: 0
Glucas (G29) lines found: 0
Glucas lines found: 0
MacLucasFFTW lines found: 0
ECM lines found: 0
I don't think you can submit progress on manual assignments. You can extend your assignment if you're still working on the number and it's in danger of expiring at

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