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Question P-1 & TF overlap

So I was crunching some numbers for P-1 & TF. Currently, server is handing out P-1 & TF exponents around 50M. These are TFed to 67 bits first, followed by P-1 and then 68 & 69 bit TF.
With decent memory allocated, the P-1 limits (B1,B2) are around (600k,20M). Given these, and my "experiments", I estimate a factor space overlap of around 45% between P-1 and 68/69 bit TF. The implications are that 68/69 bit TF should be around 45% less productive than the theoretical 1/68 and 1/69 success rates (should be resp 1/123 and 1/125).
Does the above estimation jell with real world statistics? I know that primenet doesn't show whether a factor was found by P-1 or TF. Perhaps George can give us a break down of the 68 & 69 bit factors (for the current leading edge) based on the method?
Assuming that these numbers do pan out, is it worth doing the final bit of TF, now that it is preceded by P-1?
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It should be fairly straight forward to compile a list of factors of the designated length, and determine what proportion are smooth to typical P-1 bounds. You do not need to know how the factors were in fact obtained.
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