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Lightbulb a bilingual illiterate - origin

Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
This is my favourite bilingual pun to demonstrate to friends that are bilingual. It works best out loud, not written, that is the key.
Here is an interesting bilingual joke - Now, everyone who watched MTV as a child probably thought that it was Pet Shop Boys' but I suspect that the real author is Steven Wright.
She was a bilingual illiterate… she couldn’t read in two different languages.

Steven Wright
Chris Lowe : Where are you from?

Neil Tennant : Yes where are you from?

Priest: I'm glad you asked me twice. You see I'm a bilingual. A bilingual illiterate - I can't read in two languages.
(In fact, in the movie from which the MTV clip is chopped , Joss Ackland says 3+ more Steven's oneliners in a row!) (!!)
To everyone doesn't know Steven - while you might have not seen him in your life, you most likely heard him: his is the voice on the radio in both Reservoir Dogs and in Pulp Fiction.
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Molly Ivins said of George W. Bush that his efforts at speaking Spanish showed he was not bilingual, but bi-ignorant. The descriptor had previously been used by others, e.g.Jim Hightower, in reference to other Texas politicians trying to learn Spanish.
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