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Default GPUowl - P1 factor found... double credit?

Really not sure where to post this. I’ve been using GPUowl on win10.

I seem to have found my first factor, which is neat! I was getting tired of seeing all the “composite” results. Upon uploading my manual results, it looks like I’ve received double credit (on my account page it’s 29 GHz/hours, credited twice).

Am I interpreting it his correctly? If so, where should I post it? The link below shows I’m attributed twice for the finding.

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This tends to happen if the factor is composite.
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Wow that's a big one! Congrats!

If the factor were prime, it would be the in the top 10 biggest on record. The top 500 factors of Mersenne numbers are here:

From the results encoder (here: you'd get:

M104573789 has a 156.140-bit (48-digit) composite (P24+P24) factor: 100636436599797939544413351461831305513786143911 (P-1,B1=5000000)
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