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Default g++ doen't like an option gpuowl uses.

I'm using CentOS 7.8 on a Dell 7920.


[dkirkby@jackdaw gpuowl]$ git clone
Building - do I just run make?

[dkirkby@jackdaw gpuowl]$ make
echo \"`git describe --tags --long --dirty --always`\" >
diff -q -N >/dev/null || mv
echo Version: `cat`
Version: "v7.2-69-g23c14a1"
g++ -MT ProofCache.o -MMD -MP -MF .d/ProofCache.Td -Wall -g -O3 -std=gnu++17   -c -o ProofCache.o ProofCache.cpp
g++: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-std=gnu++17’
make: *** [ProofCache.o] Error 1
 [dkirkby@jackdaw gpuowl]$
Here's version of g++
[dkirkby@jackdaw gpuowl]$ g++ --version
g++ (GCC) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-44)

Em, I'm not sure why gcc is so old. I will build a later version. I'm guessing gpuowl needs a later version.

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gcc is so old because you're using a distro that has stability as a feature, that's pretty much why centos is used IMO (at least it was, now red hat are ditching that model which will probably end up killing centos). Gpuowl apparently uses the 2017 gnu dialect of C++ so I think you'll need at least gcc/++ version 8:
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Apart from Ubuntu, Fedora is a better choice than Centos,

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Jan 2021

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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Apart from Ubuntu, Fedora is a better choice than Centos,

I have been using some commercial software that it's only supported on Redhat. CentOS and Suse Enterprise (or whatever they call it).
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