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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
In addition to the link Karsten posted, you can download all the LLR 3.8.2 versions at:
That's the same link I gave and Gary quoted in post #163.
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Thanks guys. I don't know why the link wasn't working for me last night. I tried it twice 15 mins. apart and waited 5 mins. for it to pull up each time. Oh well. Maybe the web page was down or in the process of being updated temporarily.

Whew, it is speedy! Very nice.

Thanks for your hard work in getting the Windows client working in a variety of situations Karsten!
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My do.bat settings:

@echo off
set op_Iterations=200000
set op_Timeout=250
set op_Beep=FALSE
set op_indPrimeLog=TRUE
set op_connect=TRUE
Running a private llrnet server and when my dynamic IP changes the clients keep looping without sending or getting new wu's. This happens under Win 7 64 bits and XP 64 bits.
With prpclient I don't have these problems. What's the difference between the two when they connect to the server?

Edit: I am using legal university copies of windows and have all updates.

Last fiddled with by em99010pepe on 2010-12-04 at 23:03
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| LLRnet client V0.9b7 with cLLR V3.8 |
| K.Bonath, 2010-05-15, Version 0.73  |

Current configuration:
server = "xxxx"
port = xxxxx
username = "xxxxx"
WUCacheSize = xxxx

recv error res=-1, errno=2
Could not log on to the server
No pairs are available at this time.
Either the server has dried out or there is a connecting problem.
Sleeping 360 seconds before trying again.
This is the error I get from a machine with xp 64 bits. The llrnet server is up and running and receiving work from another machine (win 7 64 bits)
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