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Default Sieving for 1<k<10M, 480000<n<500000

The next TPS project involves searching for a twin with an n-value of 480000<n<500000. To participate, download tpsieve from: and use this argument: tpsieve -i (name of file) -p 10e12* -P 20e12** -N 500000*** -t4****

*lower limit of range. One example is to use 10e12 to begin sieving from p=10T.
**upper limit of range. One example is to use 20e12 to finish sieving at p=20T.
***highest n-value that is in the file. For the 480000<n<500000 range, this would be 500000.
****number of threads you're going to use for sieving. -t2 is for a dual core, -t4 is for a quad core, and so on.

To reserve a range, post in this thread. Report results by posting here and uploading your factors to . As a reminder, be sure to include the sendspace link in your post.

Note: Sieve reservations are only accepted if they are for the entire 480K-500K range. If you want to LLR these candidates, join the party at Port 12000 (PRPNet) and/or port 12050 (LLRNet).

Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, 480000<n<500000:
Range           Reserved By          Status
1-6200T         various (see below)  complete
6200T-6220T     Oddball              complete
6220T-6230T     Bottom Quark         complete
6230T-6240T     odicin               complete
6240T-6255T     Oddball              complete
6255T-7495T     available
7495T-7500T     Oddball              complete
Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, 480000<n<485000:
Range          Reserved By          Status
1-10G          various (see below)  complete
10G-15G        Mini-Geek            complete
15G-30G        axn                  complete
30G-40G        MooooMoo             complete
40G-100G       pschoefer            complete
100G-200G      axn                  complete
200G-300G      cipher               complete
300G-500G      pschoefer            complete
500G-550G      MooooMoo             complete
550G-1000G     axn                  complete
1000G-1300G    cipher               complete
1300G-1400G    mdettweiler          complete
1400G-2000G    pschoefer            complete
2000G-2500G    axn                  complete
2500G-2700G    cipher               complete
2700G-2850G    MooooMoo             complete
2850G-3000G    axn                  complete
3000G-3700G    cipher               complete
3700G-3850G    MooooMoo             complete
3850G-6000G    cipher               complete
6T-10T         cipher               complete
10T-15T        Lennart              complete
15T-17T        cipher               complete
17T-22T        Ken_g6               complete
22T-25T        amphoria             complete
25T-35T        mdettweiler          complete
35T-40T        cipher               complete
40T-45T        Ken_g6               complete
45T-65T        gribozavr            complete
65T-66T        Lennart              complete
66T-90T        gribozavr            complete
90T-120T       Joshua2              complete
120T-400T      gribozavr            complete
400T-430T      mdettweiler          complete
430T-433T      Oddball              complete
433T-440T      Robert_47            complete
440T-450T      mdettweiler          complete
450T-455T      Robert_47            complete
455T-457.5T    Oddball              complete
457.5T-460T    MooMoo2              complete
460T-465T      mdettweiler          complete
465T-470T      Robert_47            complete
470T-485T      mdettweiler          complete
485T-495T      Oddball              complete
495T-500T      mdettweiler          complete
500T-510T      Oddball              complete
510T-515T      amphoria             complete
515T-550T      Oddball              complete
550T-555T      The Carnivore        complete
555T-565T      amphoria             complete
565T-570T      MooMoo2              complete
570T-585T      Oddball              complete
585T-590T      mdettweiler          complete
590T-600T      Oddball              complete
600T-605T      mdettweiler          complete
605T-700T      gribozavr            complete
700T-705T      MooMoo2              complete
705T-715T      mdettweiler          complete
715T-720T      MooMoo2              complete
720T-730T      Oddball              complete
730T-735T      mdettweiler          complete
735T-740T      Lennart              complete
740T-900T      gribozavr            complete
900T-905T      mdettweiler          complete
905T-910T      Lennart              complete
910T-920T      Oddball              complete
920T-925T      Lennart              complete
925T-930T      Oddball              complete
930T-940T      Lennart              complete
940T-950T      Oddball              complete
950T-955T      mdettweiler          complete
955T-1000T     Oddball              complete
1000T-1005T    MooMoo2              complete
1005T-1010T    mdettweiler          complete
1010T-1015T    gd_barnes            complete
1015T-1025T    Oddball              complete
1025T-1030T    mdettweiler          complete
1030T-1045T    Oddball              complete
1045T-1200T    gribozavr            complete
1200T-1205T    mdettweiler          complete
1205T-1225T    Oddball              complete
1225T-1230T    MooMoo2              complete
1230T-1240T    Oddball              complete
1240T-1400T    gribozavr            complete
1400T-1405T    mdettweiler          complete
1405T-1415T    MooMoo2              complete
1415T-1430T    Oddball              complete
1430T-1450T    Blackwood            complete
1450T-1455T    mdettweiler          complete
1455T-1460T    cipher               complete
1460T-1465T    MooMoo2              complete
1465T-1470T    mdettweiler          complete
1470T-1600T    gribozavr            complete
1600T-1610T    Oddball              complete
1610T-1615T    mdettweiler          complete
1615T-1630T    ellipse              complete
1630T-1640T    MooMoo2              complete
1640T-1660T    Blackwood            complete
1660T-1670T    Oddball              complete
1670T-1700T    MooMoo2              complete
1700T-2000T    gribozavr            complete
2000T-2010T    MooMoo2              complete
2010T-2020T    mdettweiler          complete
2020T-2035T    MooMoo2              complete
2035T-2045T    ellipse              complete
2045T-2050T    mdettweiler          complete
2050T-2075T    cipher               complete
2075T-2090T    Bottom Quark         complete
2090T-2175T    cipher               complete
2175T-2185T    MooMoo2              complete
2185T-2250T    cipher               complete
2250T-2260T    Oddball              complete
2260T-2400T    gribozavr            complete
2400T-2420T    Oddball              complete
2420T-2650T    cipher               complete
2650T-2655T    mdettweiler          complete
2655T-2705T    Oddball              complete
2705T-2850T    cipher               complete
2850T-2865T    Oddball              complete
2865T-2900T    Bottom Quark         complete
2900T-2965T    MooMoo2              complete
2965T-3150T    cipher               complete
3150T-3155T    mdettweiler          complete
3155T-3300T    gribozavr            complete
3300T-3400T    cipher               complete
3400T-3405T    mdettweiler          complete
3405T-3600T    gribozavr            complete
3600T-3750T    cipher               complete
3750T-3800T    MooMoo2              complete
3800T-4000T    cipher               complete
4000T-4020T    Oddball              complete
4020T-4100T    cipher               complete
4100T-4300T    gribozavr            complete
4300T-4500T    cipher               complete
4500T-4560T    Flatlander           complete
4560T-4700T    cipher               complete
4700T-4745T    Oddball              complete
4745T-4760T    Blackwood            complete
4760T-4785T    Oddball              complete
4785T-4900T    gribozavr            complete
4900T-5000T    Oddball              complete
5000T-5020T    Blackwood            complete
5020T-5100T    cipher               complete
5100T-5300T    cipher               complete
5300T-5500T    gribozavr            complete
5500T-5800T    cipher               complete
5800T-5950T    cipher               complete
5950T-5980T    ellipse              complete
5980T-5999T    MooMoo2              complete
5999T-6000T    Oddball              complete
6000T-6002T    Oddball              complete
6002T-6061T    gribozavr/Oddball    complete
6061T-6100T    gribozavr            complete
6100T-6200T    gribozavr            complete
File downloads are on the third post of this thread.

If you want to see the old reservation requests and discussions, look here:

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Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, 485000<n<490000:
Range          Reserved By          Status
1-10G          various (see below)  complete
10G-50G        cipher               complete
50G-55G        MooooMoo             complete
55G-150G       Mini-Geek            complete
150G-200G      mdettweiler          complete
200G-400G      Mini-Geek            complete
400G-500G      mdettweiler          complete
500G-600G      MooooMoo             complete
600G-1000G     pschoefer            complete
1000G-2000G    amphoria             complete
2000G-2500G    Oddball              complete
2500G-2525G    Historian            complete
2525G-2600G    agent1               complete
2600G-2700G    mdettweiler          complete
2700G-3250G    Oddball              complete
3250G-3300G    agent1               complete
3300G-3880G    Oddball              complete
3880G-4000G    Historian            complete
4000G-4150G    agent1               complete
4150G-5400G    Oddball              complete
5400G-5600G    agent1               complete
5600G-5800G    Historian            complete
5800G-6400G    Oddball              complete
6400G-6550G    Historian            complete
6550G-7150G    Oddball              complete
7150G-7350G    agent1               complete
7350G-10T      Oddball              complete
10T-10.1T      The Carnivore        complete
10.1T-11T      Oddball              complete
11T-950T       gribozavr            complete
950T-955T      mdettweiler          complete
955T-975T      Lennart              complete
975T-985T      mdettweiler          complete
985T-1015T     Flatlander           complete
1015T-1050T    mdettweiler          complete
1050T-1065T    Bottom Quark         complete
1065T-1500T    Lennart              complete
1500T-1505T    Oddball              complete
1505T-1700T    gribozavr            complete
1700T-1705T    mdettweiler          complete
1705T-1725T    Oddball              complete
1725T-1750T    ellipse              complete
1750T-1800T    Oddball              complete
1800T-2100T    cipher               complete
2100T-3000T    cipher               complete
3000T-3120T    cipher               complete
3120T-3136T    mdettweiler          complete
3136T-3168T    mdettweiler          complete
3168T-3200T    Lennart              complete
3200T-3400T    Lennart              complete
3400T-3430T    Flatlander           complete
3430T-3600T    Lennart              complete
3600T-3620T    Oddball              complete
3620T-3680T    cipher               complete
3680T-3685T    mdettweiler          complete
3685T-3900T    gribozavr            complete
3900T-3930T    Flatlander           complete
3930T-3935T    mdettweiler          complete
3935T-4000T    Flatlander           complete
4000T-4090T    cipher               complete
4090T-4145T    Oddball              complete
4145T-4400T    gribozavr            complete
4400T-5000T    cipher               complete
5000T-5025T    ellipse              complete
5025T-5200T    gribozavr            complete
5200T-5205T    mdettweiler          complete
5205T-5250T    Flatlander           complete
5250T-5255T    mdettweiler          complete
5255T-5300T    Flatlander           complete
5300T-5390T    cipher               complete
5390T-5420T    Oddball              complete
5420T-5530T    cipher               complete
5530T-5535T    mdettweiler          complete
5535T-5600T    Oddball              complete
5600T-5900T    cipher               complete
5900T-5940T    Oddball              complete
5940T-5975T    Bottom Quark         complete
5975T-6000T    Oddball              complete
6000T-6002T    Lennart              complete
6002T-6100T    gribozavr            complete
6100T-6200T    gribozavr            complete
Sieve status for 1<k<10M, 490000<n<495000:
Range          Reserved By           Status
1-10G          various (see below)   complete
10G-20G        pschoefer             complete
20G-950T       gribozavr             complete
950T-955T      mdettweiler           complete
955T-1005T     Oddball               complete
1005T-1155T    cipher                complete
1155T-1160T    mdettweiler           complete
1160T-1300T    gribozavr             complete
1300T-1448T    cipher                complete
1448T-1475T    Oddball               complete
1475T-1925T    Lennart               complete
1925T-1930T    mdettweiler           complete
1930T-2080T    cipher                complete
2080T-2110T    Oddball               complete
2110T-2410T    Lennart               complete
2410T-2560T    cipher                complete
2560T-2760T    Lennart               complete
2760T-2910T    cipher                complete
2910T-2950T    Oddball               complete
2950T-3100T    cipher                complete
3100T-3105T    mdettweiler           complete
3105T-3605T    Lennart               complete
3605T-3755T    cipher                complete
3755T-3780T    Oddball               complete
3780T-3880T    Lennart               complete
3880T-3910T    Oddball               complete
3910T-4010T    Lennart               complete
4010T-4015T    mdettweiler           complete
4015T-4515T    Lennart               complete
4515T-4540T    Oddball               complete
4540T-4690T    cipher                complete
4690T-4800T    gribozavr             complete
4800T-5200T    Lennart               complete
5200T-5350T    cipher                complete
5350T-5450T    Lennart               complete
5450T-5455T    mdettweiler           complete
5455T-5955T    Lennart               complete
5955T-5990T    Oddball               complete
5990T-6140T    Lennart               complete
6140T-6200T    Oddball               complete
Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, 495000<n<500000:
Range           Reserved By           Status
1-10G           various (see below)   complete
10G-20G         pschoefer             complete
20G-100G        amphoria              complete
100G-2000G      amphoria              complete
2000G-6100G     Oddball               complete
6100G-10000G    amphoria              complete
10T-15T         Oddball               complete
15T-20T         mdettweiler           complete
20T-27T         Oddball               complete
27T-70T         amphoria              complete
70T-85T         Oddball               complete
85T-100T        amphoria              complete
100T-200T       Lennart               complete
200T-235T       amphoria              complete
235T-240T       mdettweiler           complete
240T-400T       gribozavr             complete
400T-430T       Oddball               complete
430T-460T       amphoria              complete
460T-560T       Lennart               complete
560T-585T       amphoria              complete
585T-885T       Lennart               complete
885T-935T       amphoria              complete
935T-1035T      Lennart               complete
1035T-1040T     mdettweiler           complete
1040T-1140T     amphoria              complete
1140T-1160T     Oddball               complete
1160T-1300T     gribozavr             complete
1300T-1600T     Lennart               complete
1600T-1650T     amphoria              complete
1650T-2950T     Lennart               complete
2950T-2990T     amphoria              complete
2990T-3050T     amphoria              complete
3050T-3055T     mdettweiler           complete
3055T-3110T     amphoria              complete
3110T-3140T     Oddball               complete
3140T-3230T     amphoria              complete
3230T-3300T     gribozavr             complete
3300T-3325T     Oddball               complete
3325T-4325T     Lennart               complete
4325T-4370T     amphoria              complete
4370T-4405T     Oddball               complete
4405T-4530T     amphoria              complete
4530T-4630T     gribozavr             complete
4630T-4690T     Oddball               complete
4690T-4800T     gribozavr             complete
4800T-4825T     Oddball               complete
4825T-4925T     gribozavr             complete
4925T-4930T     mdettweiler           complete
4930T-5010T     Oddball               complete
5010T-6010T     Lennart               complete
6010T-6025T     Oddball               complete
6025T-6170T     Lennart               complete
6170T-6200T     Oddball               complete
Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, to p=10G:

Range of n       Reserved by    Status
480000-481000    MooooMoo      complete
481000-482000    Lennart       complete
482000-483000    Mini-Geek     complete
483000-485000    pschoefer     complete
485000-486000    cipher        complete
486000-487000    axn           complete
487000-491000    Ken g6        complete
491000-493000    Flatlander    complete
493000-494000    axn           complete
494000-497000    pschoefer     complete
497000-500000    Ken g6        complete
Rank   Username          Score
1      Lennart         42675010
2      gribozavr       31722400
3      cipher          31362460
4      Oddball          8768650
5      amphoria         3939400
6      mdettweiler      1791750
7      Flatlander       1525020
8      MooMoo2          1257500
9      Bottom Quark      700000
10     ellipse           525000
11     Blackwood         375000
12     odicin            200000
13     Joshua2           150000
14     Robert 47          85000
15     Ken g6             50070
16     The Carnivore      25500
17     gd_barnes          25000
18     pschoefer           6450
19     axn                 6095
20     agent1              3375
21     Historian           2475
22     MooooMoo            2335
23     Mini-Geek           1510
Total                 125,200,000
Note: Score is calculated using the formula N*P
N is the range of n sieved (in K), while P is the range of p sieved (in G). For example, sieving 480000<n<485000 from 10G-20G would give a result of 50 (5*10).

If a twin is found, the finder will share credit with the top siever and the top LLR tester.

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I've downloaded and verified everything. I've re-uploaded the same merged file from November 12th: (space gain from creating a new file is too small).
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gribozavr the new merged file is missing... online can you reupload
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Originally Posted by gribozavr View Post
Say, I should probably give everyone a heads-up: I tried to download this just now, by going to the sendspace link and clicking the "Start download from sendspace" link (as usual), but instead of getting the correct file, I got an executable file called "merge_480000-500000.exe"! I verified that it was indeed not just a glitch in naming the file--7-Zip opened the file as a compressed installer package, not a zipped sieve file.

My antivirus program (Avast 5) didn't flag it as suspect, but it definitely didn't seem legit; so I tried submitting it to Virus Total (a free online service that will scan a file with a wide array of antivirus programs to compare them). Only one rather obscure virus scanner picked it up as malicious, and identified it as "Adware.Siggen.22562".

I am not entirely sure what this is, or how it got sent down in place of the real file from Sendspace. According to Opera, its actual URL was not from sendspace, but rather:
(http:// munged to prevent anyone from accidentally clicking on the link here in my post)

My theory is that somehow I had accidentally clicked on one of the fake "download now" ads on the Sendspace page rather than the real link, and this was the result--a very slick package that had been renamed dynamically to match (at least in part) the name of the real file I wanted.

I do know I clicked directly on the real "Click here to start download from sendspace" link, but I do know that Opera will sometimes misplace link targets on pages: that is, a link from somewhere else on the page will have its "click box" over some other part of the page. Sometimes this can cover up other links; I suspect that's what happened here. Usually I notice these and can fix it by scrolling up/down (to move the misplaced click box) or reloading the page, but today I was moving quickly and didn't look closely at the linked URL.

As an aside, when I went back to the sendspace page and clicked on the (correct) link again, this time I got the right file, (This is, again, consistent with my experience with Opera--clicking on the misplaced link usually clears it so the correct one is available).

Anyway, I figured I'd give everyone a heads-up about this; bottom line, if you accidentally click on the wrong "Download now!" (or even on the right one, as I did) and somehow get a file ending in .exe (even if you have file extensions hidden the icon should still be different, an installer-type file complete with the UAC "shield" icon over it on Vista/7), make sure you don't run it--you'll probably get some sort of adware, which while not a virus per se is not the most pleasant thing in the world to deal with.

I'm going to see if I can find a contact address for Sendspace...they should definitely be made aware of this, since (as far as I can tell) this is a bit over the top even for the often-obtrusive level of advertising they maintain.

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Update: I've sent an email to Sendspace's Abuse Department regarding the malicious file. Hopefully they'll take it seriously and respond in a timely manner--I'll keep you guys updated with any news.
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I've downloaded this file that day and just did it with the same link.

All is ok (again?) and there're no difference in the zip.
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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
I've downloaded this file that day and just did it with the same link.

All is ok (again?) and there're no difference in the zip.
Yes, I think the problem is not in the real Sendspace link itself, but rather in one of the fake "Download Now!" ads that Sendspace plasters all over the download page. As long as you click on the right link you should be fine; in my case I believe I clicked accidentally on one of the ads due to the Opera bug described above.

That said, I would imagine (or at least hope!) that Sendspace wouldn't want their ad providers serving up malware to people who unwittingly click on one of their"download buttons" (which just so happen to be somewhat more prominent than the real link). Hopefully I'll actually get a response to my email...they seem reasonably legit but these days that's still not much of a guarantee that emails will actually go anywhere.

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Originally Posted by gribozavr View Post
I've re-uploaded the same merged file from November 12th: (space gain from creating a new file is too small).
If you're still around, just upload the most recent file with the fewest candidates so it can be used for port 12000. Nobody's going to sieve that file any further, so don't worry that the space gain from creating the new file is small.
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¬ ∨ ∧ ⊕ → ← ⇒ ⇐ ⇔ ∀ ∃ ∄ ∴ ∵ ⊤ ⊥ ⊢ ⊨ ⫤ ⊣ … ⋯ ⋮ ⋰ ⋱
∫ ∬ ∭ ∮ ∯ ∰ ∇ ∆ δ ∂ ℱ ℒ ℓ
𝛢𝛼 𝛣𝛽 𝛤𝛾 𝛥𝛿 𝛦𝜀𝜖 𝛧𝜁 𝛨𝜂 𝛩𝜃𝜗 𝛪𝜄 𝛫𝜅 𝛬𝜆 𝛭𝜇 𝛮𝜈 𝛯𝜉 𝛰𝜊 𝛱𝜋 𝛲𝜌 𝛴𝜎𝜍 𝛵𝜏 𝛶𝜐 𝛷𝜙𝜑 𝛸𝜒 𝛹𝜓 𝛺𝜔