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Default Save to folder instead of Desktop

I'm running Win7 64x on an AMD FX 8 core processor at 4GHz using all cores for Prime95. All of the files generated produce files and .bu files. and keep filling up my desktop. I keep moving them to a folder on my desktop but every time I return, there is a new set of files. How can I have these files saved to a file location so they do not continue to clutter my desktop?
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The files you are referring to are checkpoint files: they are what let you resume your test from where you left it, when Prime95 stops and starts again (e.g. a reboot). Prime95 creates these files in the directory where it's running (by default, anyway). I'm guessing that you have prime95.exe on your desktop, which is not a great place for it, since it creates all that clutter (important temporary files, but still clutter) you're wanting to remove.

I'd suggest that you stop and exit Prime95, move Prime95 (with all associated files) to its own folder (e.g. create a C:\Prime95 folder, or a folder on your desktop), and run it from there. Here's a list of the most important files to move:
worktodo.txt (the list of assignments your computer currently has)
prime.txt (a configuration file with settings that might be shared between computers on your account)
local.txt (a configuration file for things local to your computer)
checkpoint files (the generated files you were mentioning, usually pxxxxxx)
Other text files that are included in the zip or generated, and can also be moved include:
prime.log (log of PrimeNet communication)
results.txt (log of your results)
license.txt (license info)
readme.txt (general readme)
stress.txt (stress test-specific readme)
undoc.txt (advanced config details)
whatsnew.txt (version history)

You could configure Prime95 to use a different working directory, but the simple option (move everything) is usually the best.

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Moving files generated by software is typically never a good idea. It is very rare for a file to be generated only once; if you move it, most of the time it will come back. Also, when you move it, if the file carries important information, the program will not be able to find the information it is looking for, and this will cause problems.

In the case of Prime95, those files are the checkpoint files which keep track of where your work was stopped so it can resume. By moving these files, you are making your work inaccessible to Prime95. When Prime95 starts, it looks at the worktodo file and then checks for a valid checkpoint file. If it doesn't find one, it starts from the beginning.

Mini-geek's instructions are good. Follow them and this will solve everything.
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