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Default Mechanics of DC instead of LL percentage

If I have a pc set to receive first time LL assignments, and I set "DC instead of LL percentage" on the cpu configuration page to "2", would it alternate issuing me 49 first time LL tests, then 1 DC test, then 49 first time, 1 DC, etc? Or, would it give me 98 first time, then 2 DC, etc.? Or am I completely misunderstanding this parameter and it would do something completely different?

If changing the value from 0 to something > 0, would it issue a DC the next time it issues an assignment? Or would it check how many first time tests have been completed by the computer and wait until a DC was "due" based on the value set for DC instead of LL percentage?

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Setting DC instead of LL to 2 tells the server that you want the client to spend about 2% of its time running DC tests. Since LL tests take about 4 times longer than a DC, the server will give you DC assignments ~8% of the time. This is done by generating a random number between 1 and 100. If <=8 you get a DC, otherwise an LL.

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