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Default Have we seen the last David Mabus threat?

"Have we seen the last tweet from 'David Mabus'?"

"Case Study: How a notorious spammer was brought down via Twitter"

"Montreal cops probe Internet death threats"

For over 15 years, folks whose e-addresses have appeared on sites expressing atheistic or scientifically skeptical views have received a stream of spam, which recently escalated to physical confrontation and death threats, from "David Mabus". Targets of his threats tracked him to Montreal a while ago and complained to Montreal police, but those police weren't willing to even open an investigation ... until a few days ago. After a targeted Montreal resident organized an online petition and used his connections to local journalists to get papers to publish stories about this police inaction, thousands of e-mails from petition signers finally convinced Montreal police to take action last week, leading to an arrest on Friday. The man using the pseudonym of "David Mabus" seems almost certainly to be mentally ill; the target community generally hopes he will now receive proper psychiatric treatment.
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