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Sep 2003

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Default Gratuitous hardware-related banana thread

Yesterday, I had a P4 that just wouldn't fit into the motherboard Socket 478. Some of the pins had gotten very slightly bent, somehow. A bit too expensive to write off. So I armed myself with a boxcutter, the edge of a piece of plastic packaging, and a great deal of patience, and straightened things out.

Top that.
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Aug 2002
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Been there, done that before. New tbred didn't plop right in, took a needle and pushed a bent pin upright. No biggie.
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Sep 2003

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I tried that, but all it did was make the neighboring pins bend too. The pins are just too small and too close together. Had to resort to pushing the boxcutter down each row and column of pins for preliminary straightening, and then again with a thicker piece of plastic.
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Oct 2002
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Opterons have 940 pins, in a package that's not all THAT much bigger than a P4.

I don't even want to THINK about a bent pin on an Opteron....

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Sep 2003

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Can't wait until BGAs (Ball Grid Array) come out, no?
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Apr 2003
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I would try to use a very thin tube or a not too thin hypodermic needle and put it on the pin. But usually (in times when the pins were thicker and longer ) I used my fingernails for a quick correction.
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Nov 2003
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I have this kind of problem with IDE connector's pins very often. Fortunately it is easy to fix them.

I also have faced this problem with PS/2 and VGA connectors.

I hate pins!!!
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Sep 2002
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I recovered a pentium 166mhz CPU. someone stepped on it. even though it was worth my time i did it anyway. still works.
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