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Lightbulb Dark Energy.

Scientists now have evidence that dark energy has been around for most of the Universe's history.

Theoretically expected they found the mysterious anti-gravity force which pushes galaxies away from each other.

So we are back to Einstein's "cosmological constant" idea which he discarded and called his biggest blunder and later rejected absolutely.

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Peter Nelson
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Dark energy is I believe used for some years now in the Zero Point Energy Manipulator (also commonly known as "Gravity Gun").

This is an important tool used in the Half-Life 2 game, and very useful for throwing objects and enemies around particularly towards the final stages of the game. Dark energy is so much fun!

"The best game ever made" - PC Gamer
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Cool Dark Energy.

The existence of dark energy has been around ever since the time of Einstein and before.
Though the principle may be used in games, I'm afraid we are on different wave lengths.

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David John Hill Jr
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Default More to it than meets the eye.

In a philosophy of science context I haven't read any on this,however,
as a fan of an idea of the big bang coming from two totally seperated symmetries suddenly connected,
I might ask the question does this dark energy come from before the universe
we are in, is it an accumulation within our existence somewhat perhaps as dilation or cantraction forces, or is it a spill over to yet some higher existence,
titilating us from above.
This might be a starting way to look for parametres, if in fact it is not all three to be considered?
Could be a dangerous topic, not on the same wavelength.. wouldn't want
black lung desease to become attractive, nor to have my tobacconist
gloating at me. Gravity though, does appear to be matter orientated(our universe) until at the speed of light it cycles along as infinite mass.( somewhat unedicated view on my part).If the upperspill idea were true it might be impossible to determine how well greens theorem is performing, too.

Some thoughts......
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