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Angry Why one & the same factor is given to two people

For the Second time Factor already done message11 appears when I contact sever
I'm factoring m25414253 (now 70%)

On my slow 733 P3 PC it takes 5 days and than it appears all was in vain

Why prime net server gives one and the same factor to more than 1 person ?
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I doubt it was intentional; maybe a bug but I doubt it. More likely someone poached it. I had that happen on a factoring assignment to me too; fortunately it was still in the queue.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Why prime net server gives one and the same factor to more than 1 person ?
PrimeNet is designed and intended to give a factoring assignment to only one person at a time, normally. However, it sometimes has to do something about an assignment for which no progress report has been recently received.

PrimeNet sets a limit on the number of days it will wait for a progress report. If that time elapses without any progress report showing up, Primenet has to assume that the assignment is not being processed in a normal manner and needs to be reassigned to someone else. After PrimeNet reassigns a number, it sometimes will receive a (late) report of a result from the original assignee -- in that case, PrimeNet accepts the result and cancels the second assignment. This won't please the second assignee when s/he finds out, but so far no one has come up with a better way to handle this situation.

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There have been too many of these dual assignment complaints coming in of late. I suspect there is either a new primenet bug (unlikely) or someone inadvertently triggered a known primenet shortcoming.

If Primenet hands out a factoring assignment and later gets a "no factor to 2^62" report in the manual reporting pages, then it thinks "Oh, the user is done with the assignment. I'll reassign it to someone else to do the rest."
However it is much more likely that someone was just testing a large batch of exponents to the easy 2^62 limit.

Sorry, for the trouble.
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