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AJ Alon
Oct 2018

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Default Transferring expired assignments to another CPU

Hi all, and happy new year!

I had to take down one of my boxes a few months ago, and thought I'd lost the work it had done. Instead of unreserving the two assignments (one PRP, one LL) it had, I let them expire.

Over the holidays I got access to the box again, and was able to recover the backup files. After looking through the logs I didn't see any errors, and was more than halfway done with the assignments, so I transferred the files and worktodo to another box.

Not knowing a better or appropriate way of transferring these assignments, I removed the old assignment IDs and had Prime95 update. I got the new assignment registration IDs, and I'm now chugging away on these two entries.

The assignments look pretty messy now, however.

Both have the old assignment as well as the new. Furthermore, for M86910497, it lists my current assignment as an LL first test when it's definitely a PRP.

Any advice on how to clean this up and get it right? Or should I just unreserve the exponents and move on?
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Mark Rose
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Jan 2013

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Just let them finish.
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AJ Alon
Oct 2018

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All right. I've also realized that this was probably better suited for that PrimeNet problems thread stickied at the top of the forum. Thanks!
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