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Default CURL library error

This isn't a problem with PrimeNet, but perhaps someone can help me out.

I've got a laptop with no hard drive, it runs entirely from a USB stick using TAILS ( It runs 24x7 so I decided to put prime95 on it and let its cycles go towards the project, even if its not very speedy (its just doing P-1 tasks).

Anyway, all is fine when I populate worktodo.txt manually, but when I set UsePrimenet=1, I get the following error:

CURL library error: Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused
I'm almost certain this has to do with how TAILS handles connectivity with all its circuits and so forth.

Anyway, if anyone has an idea I'll try it out, otherwise I'll just keep getting and submitting assignments manually... no big deal.
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Tails doesn't allow normal connections out of the box, everything should go through Tor. If the problem is Tails not automatically being configured to use Tor for arbitrary programs, maybe it will work if you run prime95 with torify:
torify ./mprime
If the problem is that primenet rejects Tor connections you're out of luck.
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