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Originally Posted by unconnected View Post
How to set minimum number of relations when filtering should started in YAFU? Seems like min_rels estimation somehow broken for small numbers.
The minimum number of relations are set in the function nfs_set_min_rels, in nfs.c. It is based on LPB, and uses fudge factors suggested by the ggnfs project. It does look like min_rels generated by this method is a bit low for this lpb 25, but other than a couple extra filtering attempts seems to work ok. Can you suggest a better fudge factor for lpb 25's? Currently it is 0.5, for use in the formula

2 * fudge * 2 ^lpb / ln(2^lpb)

Also at least for me, siqs is twice as fast on this c97 (with skylake-avx512).
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