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Default Joe McLean's "Sierpinski Problem to One Million"

Would an updated version be of interest?

Some may know that this project's "beta test" subproject uses a few values from Joe McLean's old list of prime Sierpinski values being searched to one million.

As mentioned in the thread at
the page had gone dormant, and now, two years since its last update, it's been wiped off the net. (Note that an archived version, more than one year older than that, is at

I'm sure many more values have been knocked off of the list since then (there were "234 to go" over three years ago).

Would it be interesting, or even useful, to revitalize this list? I'd do a little work (mainly, searching Chris Caldwell's prime pages database) to produce an updated .htm file. But only if someone can host it in a relevant location.


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Originally Posted by Spooty View Post
But only if someone can host it in a relevant location.

Stick it on Mersenne Wiki. :)
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