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Default Ryzen 2 efficiency improvements

Efficency data from here:
RAM data from here:

tl;dr when set to 3.5Ghz all-core, a 2700X uses 80% of the energy that a 1700 does at the same clock. If using a Ryzen 2 for LL or similar you'll want to manually set the clock to override XFR2, which is good for normal use but not efficiency. Memory support and cache latencies are much better this gen. The sweet spot looks to be either 3466 or 3200 with tighter timings, some boards reportedly do a good job of tightening automatically. Some people state a 3% IPC gain clock for clock, but they may have inadvertently benefitted from automated timing tightening. Out of the gate MSRP is good value at not much above what gen 1 is currently selling for. Overall Ryzen 2 potentially rivals an equivalent intel for our purposes, although maybe not for LL due to intel's better AVX2 implementation.
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I've noticed the X models selling well, ones at regular pricing are gone, and only some at elevated pricing are still available. Non-X is still around. Could speculate either way if people do want the X, or if the supply for X might be more limited since it is essentially binned to the upper limit. The price difference isn't much between them, and for other uses I'd rather pay slightly more for the faster CPU than trying to manually overclock it.

I'm vaguely planning on getting a 2700X, once my desired mobo is available (Asus mini-ITX X470).

I suspect the execution cores haven't really changed, and any apparent improvement in IPC is due to the latency improvements, which I'm not sure will have much impact on FMA3 workloads.
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Mark Rose
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Also, the latest bios improves performance at least on Linux:
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I think it comes down to the 2700X has a better cooler and is priced to compete, last gen the 1700 was competitive but the 1700X and 1800X were priced more as halo products at MSRP. The assumed better binning is another plus. I am also waiting on the M-ITX X470 from Asus, aside from connectivity it has what looks to be identical specs to the crosshair 7, which I hope means it's just a cut-down version with identical memory support (the crosshair 7 memory support is meant to be good).
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