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Sep 2004

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Default Prime95 hangs after 1 minute.

Hello, all.

I have a AMD 3200+, Abit AN7, 2x512Mb Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT.

I am not over clocking the system at all but recently the system has been unstable with crashing in alot of games that didn't crash before. I ran a thorough MEMTEST86 test with no errors. The DIMs are brand new since I though they were my problem. They are running in dual channel right now. I don't think my memory is a problem.

Anyway, when I run Prime95 I can't get through 1 minute without it erroring out. When I in crease the voltage on the CPU the Prime95 can run for a while longer but then it still errors out. I increased my VCore to 1.7v and my DDR is runnning at 2.70v.

Any thoughts on which part is going bad? I am inclined to think it is my CPU.

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Jul 2004
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Maybe it's the power supply?
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Sep 2004

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Originally Posted by Mystwalker
Maybe it's the power supply?
No. I am using a 5 month old Cool Blue Antec 480W PSU. Sucker cost me over 100 bucks.

BTW, I just ran another MEMTEST86 for over 10 hours with no errors.

The PRIME95 test I run is the top one that uses very little ram and mostly the L2 cache. With that test at normal votages it errors out after 1 minute.
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Unhappy the same..


for me is the same problem.. I have abit An7 xp3200+ and he is unstable.. I don't know what to do.. I tried a lot...and no results.

the truth is out there....:(
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do u guys have any temp monitering software try disableing it on startup then restart the comp and rum p95 i read a post someware else in forum
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