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Default Feature Suggestion: Team Account

EDIT: I am talking about having people anonymously contribute to the team without a password

Hi all.

I and another "cruncher" are creating a couple of pretty cool GIMPs programs that will really speed up the progress GIMPs is making towards finding the next prime.

One thing that would be really neat would be to allow users to grab work under a team account. Right now we are delaying our release as we work on an internal library for our project (and others such as GPU72 if they'd like) to use the v5 APi and assign our team credit. However, if Mersenne would let users grab work without this API under a team account without the API interaction, it would be nice feature I think. The option we are not moving forward with is creating an account, assigning it to our team, and releasing the username and password for anyone to use it since obviously this is not safe.

Anyways, this is just my 2 cents and there may be reasons why this hasn't been done.

Hope you all are well!


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You can create a team and the work done by any member gets team credit as well as individual credit.

What sort of thing are you working on that will speed up GIMPS? If you tell us a few ideas about it, feedback can be given.
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A simple solution might be to use one user ID. You can distribute that ID without the password and everyone will be able to get work and report results. Each user can create unique computer names to identify their contribution. I believe this is the approach Team_Prime_Rib used ages ago.

and of course: Welcome!

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Hi Uncwilly.

Thank you for your reply. I am talking about having people anonymously contribute to the team without a password for manual assignments. (I am sorry, I poorly worded this).

The project allows people to run CUDALucas and Mprime//Prime95 on Google Colab with worktypes that are not restricted to Trial Factoring (as it is in GPU72). The project is essentially finished, but we are wanting to set the default submission account to our team for those that do not wish to sign up for a Mersenne account. The problem we face is that in order to grab and submit work, the current system/ requires a username and password -- which we'd rather not give out for any of our current team accounts.

To solve this, it would be nice if people could annonymously request/submit work under a team account without a password (i.e., with a username).

Hopefully that is better worded and explains what feature would be nice to have.


PS: Thanks for the warm welcome :)

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