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James Heinrich
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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
I have files with ALL factors for Mp with p<10 billions (ten times the range of GIMPS, includes the 3.x billions of the OBD range) for up to 49 bits or so, many megabytes and few months of work.
If you're willing to share that with me, I'd be very interested, especially in the M(109)-M(232) range, but if you want to send me all I'm sure I'd find them useful later.

My PHP programming knowledge is reasonably good, but my math knowledge is very very poor, so I'm no good at PARI programming because, well, I don't know what I'm doing
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Unhappy Factors of 2^(repunit)-1

I must be missing some information. What programs besides GIMPS are you using? I want to find out if there’s a program that can find at least one factor of 2^((10^19-1)/9)-1 and/or 2^((10^23-1)/9)-1. I wondered if I should check a C or Cygwin program before going onto GIMPS. I’ve been checking Operation Billion Digits at web pages like these: (I can’t get Cygwin to work for some reason. I know I got it working 4 years ago.)
About how many weeks would it take to find a factor?
What do you suggest that I do?

Edit: At Cygwin setup, I'm not understanding which packages to download.

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Originally Posted by stathmk View Post
I must be missing some information. What programs besides GIMPS are you using?
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