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Default One month of NPLB


Post here your thoughts, write a situation report, etc...


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yes we want a beautifull speach from our president of the NPLB world

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yep, and the statistics-master (me) is collecting data without end!
hopefully displaying them complete and without errors! (what a dream!)
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You know, if you ask for my thoughts on anything that I'm liable to write a book so be warned...

This project has been unbelievable in every way imaginable. I started this project on Jan. 20th with the idea that many times people get caught up in searching for huge primes and forget that there are equally important smaller primes that need to be found also. I thought it could be big but alas, I did not have a clue.

Shortly after starting my sieving in mid-Nov. last year, I let Anon in on what I was up to on the condition that it be kept quiet. Not long after that, I also let Carlos in on it on the same condition. Within a month in mid-Dec, I had planned to let Karsten in on it.

In an unbelievable twist, Karsten was thinking almost exactly the same thing and at almost exactly the same time. More amazingly, him and I contacted VBCurtis at RPS within weeks of one another because we had both begun sieving a similar range and that range included k's that Curtis was reserving at RPS. But both of us wanted it kept quiet until we were done sieving. Since I was the 2nd one to contact him, Curtis did us the courtesy of letting us know that one other person was doing something similar. I was initially nervous because I thought this was a complete unknown person and I didn't know what kind of resources or motivations that he had. Would he want to search the ranges himself? Would he want to set up a competing project? etc. When I found out it was him, I was very excited because I knew we thought similarly about prime searching.

I thought when Karsten and I first got in contact about it that it could become a very big project, perhaps tops on the web. But if you had told me we'd have found 50+ top-5000 primes in a month's time, I would have told you that you were smokin' something funny.

So I want to offer my harty thanks and appreciations to each of the following folks and to everyone who has contributed to make this project an unbelievable success so far:

Carlos for his great salesmanship, running the servers, and enormous energy. I knew he had some contacts but selling those contacts on the idea to contribute their mean machines to the project...well, that was quite a feat! Very nicely done!

Karsten for his tireless behind the scenes web page work and quiet demeanor. I don't think that people realize it, but I believe that he is now maintaining somewhere on the order of 30-40 web pages now. Between RPS and NPLB, I know it's a bunch. I fully believe that RPS took off solely because of his efforts in creating the awesome Rieselprime pages. All that existed prior to him were fragmented pages that were rarely kept up to date except for k<300. For NPLB, the big contributors aren't going to be interested if they can't see the results of their work in some manner. This goes for many people including me. When I find a prime, I particularly enjoy seeing it posted in a comprehensive list of them on the web.

Anon for his detailed technical instructions, great P.R. work, and steadying influence. Nothing phases this guy. He balances out us high-strung types so that we don't go flying off the handle too much and his instructions are second to none. I've done technical writing on my job at times and I'll be using some of his examples in the future!

Beyond, Ironbits, Turneral, Micha, Flatlander, AES, and all of the many people who have contributed, I thank you and the project thanks you. We would be nowhere without our trusty searchers throwing in their machines to the effort.

For the future:
We've had a few growing pains here and there. It's just like a large corporation that is growing rapidly. Things move so fast that glitches here and there will pop up that cannot be anticipated ahead of time. It'll probably happen again in the future. We just have to make adjustments as we go. In the case of this rally, with help from Anon, I'm going to learn how to host 1-2 servers myself. This will lesson the load on each individual server and allow even bigger rallies in the future.

With the tremendous success of this project already, shortly I will be changing the goals of this project to move all time lines up 1 year. Even those may not be difficult to accomplish.

I have a general philosophy on life that I'd like to share:
It's better to set BAD goals than no goals at all! Some people are afraid to set goals because they think they will feel like failures if they are not accomplished. Nothing could be further from the truth. If it were true, then I'm the biggest failure known to mankind. I've set many goals that I have failed to accomplish but the few that I have have been unbelievably satisfying. What I found out in failing to reach a goal was that I accomplished far more just ATTEMPTING to attain the goal then I would have if I had set no goal at all.

Unlike many prime search projects, this project will always have specific goals and I welcome input from anyone and even a 'round table' discussion so to speak on what reasonable goals can be set and attained. This gives us a direction to know what we are searching for. Without goals in prime search projects, primes get left behind while people just search willy-nilly wherever they feel like it at the time and frequently not even finish what they start out to do.

Our main direction and goals are to become the top prime search project on the world wide web and to have NO PRIME LEFT BEHIND!!

Come along because we're going to have a wild and fun ride to the top!

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I quite division it
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I would like to say thank you to all those involved for the most enjoyable DC project on the web. I'm totally hooked.
This has a friendliness and momentum I haven't seen elsewhere.
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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Carlos for his great salesmanship, running the servers, and enormous energy. I knew he had some contacts but selling those contacts on the idea to contribute their mean machines to the project...well, that was quite a feat! Very nicely done!

BTW, I hope to bring another big hitter to the know who I am talking about.
About 300<k<400, how many k's are we going to test?

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