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Default One-step Hangman

Let's try something else along similar lines to the descramble thread. At the same time I wrote the program to solve that, I wrote a hangman solver. I'll give a word or words with most letters replaced with dots, but enough that my program can find the correct solution. Can you? If a letter is present, no other occurances of it are hidden.

Ranked in approximately increasing difficulty:

po...rd r.o ; no i
p.o.h'. .heo.e. t..nsf... ; no k
....p..c cu.v. ; no h or y
..e....r..e ; no x
..o.e..e. s...ol ; no d

All words have either appeared here, or in other prime-related literature. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Ken_g6
po...rd r.o ; no i
p.o.h'. .heo.e. t..nsf... ; no k
....p..c cu.v. ; no h or y
..e....r..e ; no x
..o.e..e. s...ol ; no d

pollard rho
proth's theorem
fourier transform
elliptic curve

I don't have the last 2
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