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Default which platform? XP - Linux - ???


I have a PC to spare and would like to run Prime95 on it.

What platform should I use for the best results?

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windows 2000
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It does not matter. Prime95 is mostly assembly code so the OS has very little effect on it. Some people claim that Linux is better because the OS overhead is low but the difference is likely to be 1-2% if even that. Nobody has shown any proof that the same machine performs significantly better with one OS over the other.

The only caveat to this is : if you have an integrated video card, windows will probably eat up some processing for the display. So it would probably be ideal to run linux without the X server installed.
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Jul 2004

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On my computer, Prime95 on Windows XP, with screen display off, is faster than mprime (the bootable floppy version). My display cannot be switched off in Linux.
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