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Question Dual Core and running the same test..?

I seem to have noticed that dual core mode (running two instances and assigning each a different core) is more efficient as it will consistantly use 100% of both cores compared to maybe 50-65% of both cores (or just one) when I set a single instance to run on any core.

I would like to concentrate on one test at a time but use maximum processing. The way I have it set up now each instance found its own number to test automatically even though I kept the same username info.

THe only difference I made between the two was to name the computer ID "1" and "2" for each. and I didn't check the create team box (not sure about that).

So, please could someone let me know how to sync the two instances to one calculation.

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Ver 24.14 can't be set for multi-cores on one number.

There is a test version, 25.6, that can do the multi-core/one-number thing.

But it is more efficient to have one core per number (as with v24.14), overall you will get more throughput. Having many cores per number suffers from synchronisation overhead losses but will compute an individual number faster.
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