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Default Fatal error on new PC. What to do?

Hello. I have been having trouble playing games on my new computer. I ran Prime 95 and get this error message right away:

FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4

Specs (as I know it)
AMD 64 3200+
Abit Fatal1ty AN8 NFORCE4 Mother board
1GB dual channel corsair ddr 400 pc3200 ram
NVIDIA BFG 6600 PCI-E OC graphics card.

Any help?
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Have you read all of the STRESS.TXT file in your Prime95 directory? Which of the recommendations in the "WHAT TO DO IF A PROBLEM IS FOUND?" section of that file have you already tried?

Basically, we're just going to advise you to do the things listed in that "WHAT TO DO ..." section until you've found the problem or have tried all the recommendations there but still have the problem. Since memory has been the most common cause of problems reported here, I advise you to first do what it says to investigate memory, even though memory testing isn't listed first in that section.

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As this is an A64 platform I suggest that you update your BIOS to the newest version available... if that doesn't help then follow this thread for more ideas...
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