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Unhappy Prime95 fatal error

When I install the Hyper 212 EVO cooler on my CPU and run Prime95 Blend test, then the program immediately shows a fatal error "rounding was 0.5 expected less than 0.4..." and test stops. But when I installed back the Intel stock cooler then the Blend test was running without a problem.

BTW, when I disable the Intel XMP profile in BIOS, only then I can run the Blend test with 212 EVO. Anyway, why I can run the test with the stock cooler and with the XMP profile on or off without any errors?
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Most probably because you do some mistake during the installation of the new cooler, which causes excessive heat during P95 run, i.e. not a proper cooling. Did you put the paste (or thermal pads)? Or have you forget? Is the distance (the cooler pressing on the cpu) properly adjusted? Are the fans of the new cooler working at the intended speed? Etc.
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Intel XMP + Stock cooler = OK
No Intel XMP + Stock cooler = OK

Intel XMP + Hyper 212 EVO = NO
No Intel XMP + Hyper 212 EVO = OK

Is this what you're saying?

Intel XMP is related to your memory settings which points to more of a memory issue than a CPU issue, if you ask me, although the two are certainly related.

What memory kit do you have? What is the frequency set to and what are the timings at?

What CPU do you have? What is the frequency set at?

Because XMP is a fairly obvious culprit here, we're going to need all the information we can get about what it is doing. I suspect Intel XMP is forcing your RAM onto settings it can't actually handle which causes the error, although this would not explain why the stock cooler doesn't have this issue.

Can you run a different benchmark with both coolers and let us know what the temperatures are during each? Another possibility for me is that the stock cooler, being a bad cooler, forces the CPU to throttle and keeps the speed lower.

Download CPU-Z and CPUID HWMonitor, because they'll have all the information I need. Pick any CPU benchmark you want. I want screenshots of your system when it is idle and when it is under full load, with both coolers. I want the HWMonitor data with all CPU and Motherboard information, and the CPU and Memory tabs from CPU-Z. See the attachment for a sample of what I would like.

You can see my CPU is getting about 1.2 volts, and is in the upper 60's right now. The CPU is normally running at 3.4 GHz but is overclocked to 4.5 GHz. The RAM is 2400 MHz running 10-12-12-31 timings, which are the intended timings of the kit.

I am going to be looking at temperatures, speeds, and voltages in your screenshots. They'll take a bit of time to do, especially since they involve swapping out your cooler. Take whatever time you need.
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