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Default Does ECC DDR4 work in Haswell-E motherboards

I know it won't work with ECC; but does it work as memory?

At the moment I have a XeonD 1540 with 2x16G ECC DDR4. An i7-5820K would probably be a more sensible machine for my use case, since I have plenty of electricity, am embarrassingly parallel, and 8*2.1 < 6*3.3. I have a buyer for the X10SDV-F board, but he'd want to put 4x32G in it.

The question is whether I should be buying 2x16G ECC, or 4x8G non-ECC and putting the 2x16G ECC on eBay.
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Mark Rose
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Some Haswell-E motherboards do support DDR4 ECC, such as the ASRock X99 WS. I'm not sure if that requires a Xeon to use though.
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I don't know about ECC support on desktop platforms. However, generally ECC RAM runs slower than non-ECC RAM, so if the work you're doing can be sped up with more memory bandwidth it might be worth it to get a highly clocked non-ECC kit and populate all 4 channels too.
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