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Aug 2002

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Default You just might be addicted to GIMPS if...

This thread is just like those redneck jokes, except GIMPS specific...

Give it your best shot!
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Aug 2002
North San Diego County

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...your monthly electric bill is more than your monthly rent/mortgage payment...
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Aug 2002

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You change your entire farm from consumer friendly AMD to the demon seed Intel. Because Gimps is SSE2 optimized.
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Jan 2003
far from M40

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... you start enumerating the 64bit LLRs of the Mersennes up to M7000000, because you just can't get to sleep.
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Sep 2002

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you can recite all the digits of all the Mersenne primes.
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Dec 2002
Frederick County, MD

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you never turn the heaters on in your house.
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Reboot It
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Aug 2002
London, UK

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You sold all your heaters for cash to buy more PCs.
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Aug 2002
Team Italia

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hey, I lost the "other" topic about DC addictions, could anybody please point me to it again?

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You've got so many mersenne exponents reserved, that you are sure to win the EFE, but by that time the universe will be dust, and E=mc^2 is so hard to find that you can no longer run your INTEL P10^n.
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Gary Edstrom
Oct 2002

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...your child's first words are "Lucas-Lehmer"
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It's winter time and you're still running the air conditioner...
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