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Question How to disable an unused computer?

In the site:
Individual Account Report 06 May 2004 09:56 (May 6 2004 2:56AM Pacific)

this computer
20225819 66 0.1 51.9 87.9 06-May-04 07:14 CD9664EA9 1001 v19/v20
is shown.
But I cannot use this one in the next few days. How can I remove this one from my list?
Thanks alot,
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Default B74F

Hi, Roman!

You can unreserve it via any PC running P95 using the Advanced menu -> Unreserve Exponent... (need to pause execution of your current work via Test -> Stop to activate this option - CompID is irrelevant, UserID/password have to match). Altenatively, use the IPS Manual Testing Forms to unreserve it.
Anyway, if it's just a few days off, I'd say leave it as is - go on with it when you get your hands back on it.

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