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Old man PrimeNet
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Jan 2003
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Default Memorable GIMPS Quotes from the Past

"The Internet PrimeNet Server will soon reach a milestone of having over 1000 active accounts, about 1/3 of the total GIMPS workload. It is expected this will continue to grow to about 2500 accounts in the next year - more if a new Mersenne prime is found." -- old man PrimeNet, Jan 9, 1998
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Ah, the good old days.... when I was one of the first 5 IPS users...

Back when a 3M took 5 weeks on a Pentium Pro.
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February 24, 1996

Since launching the search in early January, many of the lower ranges have been completed with no new Mersenne primes found.

We now have over 40 people and over 50 computers involved in the search.

In January, there were over 24,000 primes under 1,000,000 that needed checking. Today there are now less than 21,000. Well done!
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