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Default SETI Shutting Down (hopefully only temporarily)

Just saw this today... And I didn't see a thread about this in the lounge.
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Thousands of users participate in SETI@home, the part of the project which requires donating the CPU processing power of your computer to help interpret the vast amount of data collected by SETI’s telescopes.
Now, if we could interest those SETI@home guys into coming over here for the interim. . .

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Originally Posted by jinydu View Post
Just saw this today... And I didn't see a thread about this in the lounge.
yeah the news about them was on daily planet by discovery channel last night as well I think. they don't have all the arrays running anymore , though I thought I heard an offer of an array from somewhere else. I've always claimed to be an alien ( and my family is always on the edge of believing it), but I don't have the money to contact them ( I'm also not the intelligent life they are looking for as I'm not that intelligent) lol.

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