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Aug 2002

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Default New software...

Please list bugs here... Some of them are pretty obvious... Also, if you discover a new feature that you like say something about it here so others can learn...

Bugs known so far:

Old quote tags are broken...
Some old text formatting comes out super big...
Links to threads in old forum are broken...
The default color scheme is a bit weird...
The smilies are really broken...

Finally, if you should happen to discover a security bug please let me know without posting about it...


Last fiddled with by fivemack on 2003-09-13 at 08:33
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Aug 2002
Team Italia

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When I read all the new posts in the forum and then "reload" the page, the "new post" icons in the main page keep turned on

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Jun 2003
The Texas Hill Country

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Default Last Day Threshold not working

I noticed this in the PMs, but it probably applies elsewhere also.

The default setting for displaying entries gives an empty list even though I have been sent messages within the past hour. Raising the threshold to 2 days makes them visible.

Last fiddled with by Wacky on 2003-09-13 at 11:06
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Aug 2002

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Not a bug, but an annoying change: The "Go to <select forum>" pull-down menu and button at the bottom of each thread has changed to a "Rate this thread" option instead. I much preferred the old way.
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Sep 2002

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The forum is much quicker, the latency is much lower.
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Aug 2003
Upstate NY, USA

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and we have a much cruddier group of emoticons
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Aug 2002
Liverpool UK

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There's something wrong with the time. At the bottom of the page it says:
All times are GMT. The time now is 5:56pm.
but the time is 4:56 pm GMT. Has somebody forgotten about summer/daylight-saving time?
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Aug 2002

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The old forum looked nicer. :(
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Aug 2002

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Some of the stuff you all mentioned is fixable...

I plan to fix the forum colors and smilies this week...

I could have done it all at one time, but I wanted to minimise the forum down time...

As for the forum jump pull down menu, that is an option I have turned off at this time, but if enough people want it I will turn it back on... The reason it is turned off is because it adds a lot of queries to each page...

The time thing confuses me too... I'll try to figure it out...

BTW, posts are limited to 10,000 characters and private messages are limited to 2500 characters... You can edit posts up to 5 minutes after you submit them...

I was very happy with the old forum but the way it dealt with editing posts was unacceptable...
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Bemusing Prompter
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Dec 2002

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Maybe add BBCode for subscripts and superscripts?

Just an idea.
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Sep 2002

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Ah, the left most column is blank if I've posted in the thread.

Getting used to this new software.

It provides some useful additions, display threads with new posts saves time, don't have to keep drilling down into the various forums.

The cookies option for staying logged in, yes.
Just need to remember to logout.

A five minute windows to edit a reply, yes.
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