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That's a nice puzzle, actually. Pity I missed it but the RL(TM) kept me busy...
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I got 40 for the base problem and 144 for bonus.
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By the way the 175 limit for the bonus question seems very lax. Can it actually be said to be harder than the main question? Is there any natural way to solve it which would fail to also get 175 for the bonus one?
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Originally Posted by dg211 View Post
Remember you can use hyphens in both strings.
The list of solvers is published. Congrats Dieter!
The remark : "Remember you can use hyphens in both strings". by "dg211" was decisive for me.
Thanks "dg211"!
That allowed me to leave the framework that I was fix it by obstinacy!
I think in my thought I would find it hard to think about two strings at the same time: The "Villain and Heroes" lines. So I persisted to find a solution for the sake of simplicity on a single string "Heroes" , Until I couldn't take anymore less. Since we are blocked at 54. A less than someone found better.

The lesson I learned is "sometimes you have to go out of the box to find a solution".
Thank you,
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