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Aug 2002

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Default How do I get rid of the Triple Checks??

It appears I have a rather high percentage of triple checks. This bothers me very much. I've checked the results.txt files that i still have and find that a few were turned in with no errors.

Can I redo these triple checks and get them off the lists. Many of them were done on AMD processors and I now have mostly P4s.

Prime95, may I redo them??
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Dec 2002
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Just out of curiosity, the server only has first-time-tests and double-checks, so when triple-checks are put on the server, are they put on as first-time-tests or as double-checks?

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As doublechecks.
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I'd say you shouldn't do them unless you are absolutely sure your initial test was incorrect. Because in case the triple check is due to an incorrect test from the other tester, we will have two matching results from you and that would lower the confidence in results.

That having been said you could think about doing the tests completed by Prime_Monster for you. But make sure they are not already assigned. I think George has or is about to release triple checks to the server soon.
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Triple-check exponents have just been released. You can try adding some to your worktodo.ini file and see if Test/Manual Communication with Send New End Dates reserves the exponents for you
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